Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Configuring Secured Wireless with BSNL DNA-A211-I

Configuring Secured Wireless with BSNL DNA-A211-I
Secured Wireless is better than a unsecured one. Configuring a secured wireless network easy.
· First Check it the Wireless is turned on in the modem.You must see the wireless light glow on.
If the WIFI is not turned ON, Check this link to Enable WIFI : How to Enable WIFI.
· Before configuring wireless, connect your laptop through ethernet and connect it to
· If you were asked for username and password, give the username and password of your default BSNL modems have username : admin and password : admin
· After login, you will get the router configuration. Here, click on the Wireless Tab.
· In Wireless section, give some name in the SSID (Serivce Set Identifiers), this SSID is also know as wireless network name.
· Then click on the Security tab below the Wireless Tab. The name given for SSID will appear here.
· Select WPA-PSK in Network Authentication and give the WPA Pre-Shared Key.This Key is the Password for Secured wireless network,Which we need to give in the laptop to authenticate and connect to the secured network.
· Give 0 (Zero) for WPA Group Rekey Interval.
· After completing the above, Click SAVE/APPLY button. Your wirless configuration is saved now.
· Now Reboot your modem, Go to Management tab, and click Save/Reboot
· Wait till your modem restarts, Now your wirless network is ready for use.
Connecting to Wireless Network after configuring the WIFI.
· Connect your laptop to the wireless network and you will be asked for the password. This is the one which you gave for WPA Pre-Shared Key.
· Once you give the password correctly, you will be connected to the Secured Wireless network

Note:If you have bsnl broadband type ll modem the it has inbuilt wifi, you don't have to use another wifi device, just go to bsnl modem setup page, typing and set PPPoE connection, thats it..... but now anybody can access your wifi connection, to secure that, go to wan set authentication type WPA, then put PSK code... this is your wifi password...

How to Secure BSNL wi-fi
Login to the ADSL modem/wireless router and go to the wireless section. Set up the following valuesBasic SettingsSSID: SSID Broadcast: EnabledClick on 'Apply' or 'Save Settings' button.Wireless Security SettingsWireless Security: EnabledSecurity Type or Method: WPA-PSKAlgorithm: TKIPWPA Shared Key: Make a note of the WPA Shared Key. This will be required later on to connect your PC/laptop to the Wireless networkClick on 'Apply' or 'Save Settings' button.Save & RebootFinally go to the section where it says 'Save Settings and Reboot'. This is important so that all settings are permanently stored in the router's flash memory.